Samsung Galaxy S7 Sport Will Be Released

harga samsung galaxy s7 sport
News Softpedia

Hargaina – The latest variant of Samsung Galaxy S7 seemed not only Galaxy S7 Active. The South Korean mobile phone vendor is estimated to have been set up one more variant of the Galaxy S7 named Galaxy S7 Sport.

The report on the Galaxy S7 Sport revealed from export site Zauba, codenamed SM-G880. But unfortunately, as quoted from Softpedia News, Wednesday (18/05/2016), not much information is posted on the website of Indian origin.

The information is written only mention these devices as part of research and development, is still in the evaluation, and not for sale.

There is no description of the specification. However, Zauba informs the Galaxy S7 tag of Sport. This device reportedly will be priced for $477.

Been known differences with the Galaxy S7 Active Sport. What will be equally intended for users respite or just additional cost variant of the Galaxy S7. Check for the original Galaxy S7 here >> Samsung Galaxy S7


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